Product Photographer Newport Beach


For a product photographer near Newport Beach that can handle e-commerce photography, call Los Angeles Product Photos at 562-270-1600. Our staff has been perfecting their skills for over 18 years now and in that time has worked with a variety of different brands. Through this expertise we are able to give your campaign the edge that it requires. With consistent images across the board you will be able to put your product in the best possible light to be sold. We can handle all your product photography needs including the steps from initial shoot to extensive editing work. We will always use industry standard equipment and be able to deliver your files back to you in any format you request.

Our product photography team is seasoned and ready to work extensively in post production in order to keep your brand competitive. Through the help of Adobe Photoshop we will be able to tweak any part of your images or even rebuild everything from scratch. From catalog or editorial work to photography for web purposes we can fit your needs flawlessly.  With a highly versatile and mobile team we will be prepared to travel out to your location and work directly with your art department. From the shoot at your desired location to our editing room, we will take professionalism and dedication to a different level, increasing your return on investments.