Photo Retoucher Irvine


Looking for a photo retoucher near Irvine?  Explore the unlimited option available through Los Angeles Productions Photos, 562-270-1600. Our apparel photographer has been working with Adobe Photoshop since the 3.0 versions came out and therefore has the expertise needed to edit your photos to perfection. By utilizing steps such as clipping paths and image masking to put in different backgrounds, we can make your campaign dynamic, attracting the ideal audience. By working within industry standards we will be able to deliver the exact file type you need, from flattened .tiff’s to .psd’s. We will consistently put in that extra effort to make sure that your campaign is ready to compete with those emerging businesses in the area.

With a product photographer on hand seven days out of the week you can be assured that we will be dedicated to your individual campaign, editing everything to perfection. We work directly with your art department in order to make sure that everything is right on track with your brand essence. Every image we present will be pixel perfect, assuring that your images are ready to fulfill your photography for web efforts. We can not only work with your aggressive deadlines, but also do so with attention to detail consistently in mind. Over the past 18 years we have become experts in Adobe Photoshop and will take a look at every aspect of your campaign, bringing customers right to your door. From 3-D photography to laying your clothes on the appropriate background, we will be able to capture exactly what your brand is going for. Call today to set up an appointment!