Photo Post Production Irvine


Los Angeles Product Photos is a full service studio specializing in retouching, pre and post production and web photos services, 562-270-1600. Our post production specialist has perfected their skills over the years and now can work within those aggressive deadlines without losing anything when it comes to quality. With Adobe Photoshop being the standard in the industry, we will be able to utilize some of its’ key features with our 18 years of experience. We can change the resolution of certain photos, keep the resolution clear and even reconstruct images from scratch when need be. The approach we take to every post production effort will be to drive customers right to your door with pixel perfect images.

With an apparel photographer here for you Monday through Sunday, we will be able to make sure that everything in your visual campaign works for your brand. With decades of experience in a few different industries, we will be able to recommend the best course of action for everything from your catalog to your e-commerce store. Through precision editing and detailed manipulation of images we are able to construct your campaign from the ground up. With quick turn-around times and the attention we take with each and every image, we will be able to make your company look as professional as possible. Call today to see what we can do for your brand and your latest marketing campaign.