Apparel Photographer Irvine


When you need an apparel photographer in the Irvine area that is experienced, call the team at Los Angeles Product Photos at 562-270-1600. With over 18 years of experience we can take your brand to the next level. Part of this includes going through all the images with Photoshop and making sure that all the pictures are uniform across the board. Your apparel will be photographed at the same angles and will all be edited using the same techniques. Our photography for web will capture the very best of your line and will keep you competitive for years to come. Then through extensive post production efforts we will be able to change the resolution of your images or even reconstruct things from scratch.

We will take your campaign seriously and therefore will put extensive work into post production with your photography for web purposes. With a vast experience with several different apparel companies including everything from major surf brands to leading athletic gear, we hope to bring something unique to your campaign. We are consistently meeting and exceeding industry standards, delivering the exact file type you need, from flattened .tiff’s to .psd’s. We will be here for you every day out of the week, fully prepared to do everything it takes to meet your aggressive deadlines. We can take those 32 bit images and get them back to you at the exact resolution you desire. Simply give our team a call and we can get started on your e-commerce photography or even catalog aspirations.