Apparel Photographer Costa Mesa


For an apparel photographer that comes well recommended in Costa Mesa CA area, contact the professionals of Los Angeles Product Photos, 562-270-1600. When you approach us with the essence of your brand, we will be sure to carry that through to all of the images we capture and edit. Part of this means that we will put considerable effort into making everything in your campaign uniform. Your apparel will be photographed at the same angles and will all be edited using the same techniques. Our apparel photographer will capture the very best of your line with his high resolution digital camera. Then through extensive post production efforts we will be able to edit your images to perfection, making your brand that much more successful.

With our photo retoucher available on a daily basis we will be able to tweak your photos until they fit perfectly within your campaign. With experience that ranges from major surf and skate brands to leading athletic gear, we can bring an entirely different approach to your individual efforts. We are consistently meeting and exceeding industry standards, delivering the exact file type you need, from flattened .tiff’s to .psd’s. Our editing professionals are here for you Monday through Sunday and will take those 32 bit images and get them back to you at the exact resolution you desire. Just give our team a call and we will be ready to travel out to your location or wherever you’d like to conduct your apparel shoot.